The Manager

I am certain that you have dreams for your child in R.K Mission and those dreams give you a reason to equip him/her with the best tools for carving out his/her future. As this new session unfolds, our dream for your child would be that he/she be molded in to a caring student. A child in touch with the divine with in himself/herself and who can in turn see the divine in others beyond human limitations of caste and creed. While he/she is a school and at home, we pray they make the most of the opportunities for growth, especially when faced with a “daunting” task or an apparent “failure”

I am sure there will be several exciting experience to coming your child’s way. In all of this, we will strive to make it both fulfilled and without fear, helping to carve a caring student by being cared for.

Parents, I sincerely expect that you being an integral part of this process, if there is any way in which we can be help to both you and your child please do not hesitate to get back to us Make an appointment with the subject/class teacher or with Co-Coordinator/Vice-Principal/Principal.

The world of today and tomorrow need our students with character to bring a message of peace and hope. We empower by making them worthy citizens as they prepare to touch the future.

Keep your dreams for them intact and may God bless you.